How to Make Scrambled Eggs [Recipe]

Today we are going to share about How to make Scrambled Eggs. Scrambled eggs are a staple for many household breakfast menus’. They can be made in such a variety of ways with a multitude of ingredients, each one changing the flavor of the eggs. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Trying new things will bring about results that can surprise you.

Learn How to Make Scrambled Eggs:

How to Make Scrambled Eggs

Typically, scrambled eggs are made by cracking open the eggs into a bowl and beating them. Add salt, pepper, and milk, and continue to beat until blended. For a denser egg, beat for just a few seconds, for a fluffier egg, beat for a longer amount of time. Heat butter or light cooking spray in a large skillet over medium heat. Add egg mixture. When they start to solidify pull the eggs across the skillet forming curds. This is the basic recipe for a scrambled egg, but as mentioned above, adding different things can be beneficial to flavor and texture.

Adding cheese gives the egg a simple flavorful boost. Adding ham or prosciutto will give the egg more protein as well as more salt, so if salt intake is an issue, skip adding salt when adding salty meats. Bacon is always a winner with the scrambled egg as well.

For healthier choices adding peppers and onions gives the egg a new dimension in flavor. Adding avocado boosts the protein up by 4% and is a great source of vitamin C. Don’t stir in the avocado too much because it will make the eggs green.

How Scrambled Eggs are made in different Locations:

Living in different locations warrants some very different scrambled egg recipes. For instance, Alabama has a breakfast pie that consists of potatoes, sausage or ham, onion, peppers, cheese and pimentos. An Amish recipe that uses sausage, potatoes, cheese and eggs and biscuits on the side is a great start for hard working people. Arkansas likes their breakfast skillet casserole that adds eggs, bacon, cheese, green peppers, potato, onions and pepper jack cheese. Bacon, egg, and cheese Empanadas are another wild egg breakfast idea. Delaware Baked Eggs involve the use of cheese, cream, ketchup, hot pepper sauce, and Worcestershire sauce and is baked in the oven, which melts all the ingredients together to make it delicious. The Hangtown Fry came from the gold-mining days in southern California.

This delicious recipe includes the use of oysters, bacon, crackers and cheese within the scrambled eggs. Maple Egg bread cups come from Vermont where bacon and syrup are the ingredients. The Omelet Schnitzel combines bacon egg and ham over toast. Of course, you also have the breakfast burrito that includes chorizo(sausage), salsa and cheddar cheese wrapped in a tortilla. There is also something called the shipwreck breakfast burrito that includes a 1 pound of bacon, 12 eggs, 4 potatoes, 1 cup shredded cheese, one onion, half a bell pepper, parsley and salsa on tortillas. There is also breakfast pizza that is pizza topped with all the breakfast goodies including scrambled eggs.

To give scrambled eggs a southern flair, add corn and bacon to them. Use frozen corn sautéed in butter rather than corn in a can, this helps to avoid the metallic taste. Texas has a super hardy breakfast casserole that includes 6 eggs, one can of breakfast rolls, one pound of sausage, fresh mushrooms, 1 pound cheddar cheese and a can of cream of onion soup. Western omelet has ham, peppers and onions, cheddar cheese and sour cream. Each one of these recipes is very different from the next, and all are delicious.

Kids can be picky eaters, but they typically like eggs that are cooked through. By adding a protein like cheese and ham, gives the kids an extra boost in the morning. Many kids love ketchup on their eggs. Any tricks parents can use to make their kids want to eat is good. The scrambled egg gives you a perfect platform to hide healthy ingredients inside them while they enjoy the meal. Kind of like adding peas to mashed potatoes.

Adding food coloring for specific holidays makes a fun scrambled egg. Green on St. Patty’s day, red for Valentine’s day, Red and green combo for Christmas. By adding vegetables like green peppers with the green food coloring or red peppers to the eggs with the red food coloring is another great idea, and adds more flavor to your egg.

Scrambled eggs can be eaten alone or piled with other ingredients to become part of a sandwich. They can be added to a bagel with cheese and bacon for the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. They can be put in a wrap with turkey and cheese. Eggs can be layered on top of a bagel with cream cheese and salmon. These types of sandwiches are great for people who eat on the go. They can be eaten on a bus, or at your desk with very little mess.

Having a scrambled egg for supper is acceptable too. Mixing soups like cream of mushroom or cream of chicken with the eggs is a super easy meal to make after a long day. Add chicken for more protein too. It is a one pan meal and is ready to eat in virtually no time. Eggs with a hamburger make a great suppertime meal. Top with a tomato slice and you have everything you need under one bun. Slice up hard boiled eggs, add curry and tomatoes and you have a nice light meal for dinner. Smoked Salmon Egg boats using French bread are a delicious way to eat eggs for dinner. Egg and Cheese Soufflé, simple, easy and fulfilling.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals that are necessary for our bodies. There has been a lot of debate about the cholesterol in eggs creating health issues like high cholesterol and heart disease. But this just is not true. Recent studies show that by eating eggs, it satisfies your body’s need for cholesterol, thus telling your body that it doesn’t need to make more, and in turn lowering your cholesterol.

Choosing a cage-free or free-range eggs will supply more of those minerals, and have less fat than eggs from chickens kept in cages. Chickens that roam around can have healthier diets and a more active lifestyle, thus cutting down on the fat content in the eggs. Various studies have been conducted, and some say there is no difference in the eggs, while other studies show there is.

Scrambled eggs are very versatile and as you see, they can be made with healthy ingredients. They are a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Being creative with your ingredients, knowing what you like and using them wisely will supply you with a meal that you truly love. Try new things! Peanut butter, scrambled egg and cheese sandwiches are so delicious! This is what we had to share about How to make Scrambled Eggs, Hope you got some help in knowing the different types of scrambled eggs recipes.


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