How to Get Rid of Gnats Inside and Outside

How to Get Rid of Gnats Inside and Outside

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Easiest tips on How to get rid of Gnats Inside and outside of your house.

There are many types of gnats including indoor gnats and the most common, lawn or grass gnats they’re a darned nuisance if you like to spend time outdoors, so how to get rid of gnats is a challenge. Gnats can often look like mosquitoes, but many of them don’t bite and therefore can’t cause any diseases, but when you are surrounded by pesky insects flying in your face, you really don’t want to spend time trying to identify each one.


Only the presence of swarming Gnats to humans makes them visible. Multiply at a rapid pace and therefore gnats are usually in large groups when a man sees it. It’s much more of a nuisance when these parasites live in the house. It is very annoying, buzzing swarms of flying creatures like them around to see the food. Learn how to how to get rid of gnats with simple tips.

How to Get Rid of Gnats Inside House

Gnats are often called fruit flies, because they are usually where the fruits are available, are presented. But this does not necessarily mean that they live where it is. Spoiled food attracts gnats. Like most people think gnats are not a single species of insect. Different types of flies are called gnats. Therefore, each of these other reasons, are attracted to these species.

Types Fruit Flies and of Gnats.

Gnats look almost the same because of their small size. They are black in color and usually very tiny. If you get closer to their cluster, you will note differences between their different types. The most common of all types is the house plant gnat. These gnats mostly appear from potted plants. House plant gnats are likely to appear in your home if the quality of the soil is poor. This type of gnats lives for around eight days.

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The drain fly is also a common type of gnat. You will notice them coming from the kitchen and bathroom. They usually reproduce very quickly and therefore you should know how to eliminate the gnats as fast as possible.
Fruit flies are almost similar to gnats only that they are slightly large in size. Fruit flies also have slightly brownish head while gnats are completely black in color. It’s really hard to see them unless you use a microscope due to their small size.

Remedies for Controlling Gnats.

How to Kill Gnats

How to Kill Gnats

Before you apply any method of getting rid of gnats suggested below, it’s important to clearly understand where these gnats are coming from. It is more effective to control gnats and flies using methods close to their source. For example, when fighting drain flies in your home, you should make sure to use methods that completely drain the area where these gnats are coming from.

The methods suggested here may not guarantee a hundred percent success to all of us. Some are more successful depending on the complexity and sensitivity of the situation. However, you should try these methods before you opt to call the professionals to do it.

1.Buying a Gnat Trap

The Gnat Trap

The Gnat Trap

The most convenient and easiest way of eliminating gnats is through the purchase of a reputable gnat trap. I highly recommend you to try Gnat Stix and you can never regret. It is primarily designed to control fungus gnats. It helps to control gnats and fruit flies by trapping them shortly after emerging from the soil. With this, you don’t need to use pesticides to eliminate gnats.

2.Vinegar Trap
This method usually produces desired results hence a preference to those who want to depend on homemade techniques. To make this method successful, you need to have enough cider vinegar, dish soap, sugar, a sizable container, and water. Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar, some drops of soap, one liter of water and a tablespoon of sugar. Mix it properly and place the container where you have the highest number of gnats. The gnats are attracted to the sweet smell of vinegar then die when they get to touch the mixture due to the presence of soap. You may need to set up the small containers at different points around your house to get a clear idea of the gnats’ breeding area.

3.Pouring Bleach solution into Your Sink
This may help you reduce the problem of these insects if you are controlling drain flies in your kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes, pouring bleach is not enough to eradicate the gnats because they could be breeding in your drainage system and not in the sink. When using this method, never pour bleach directly to the sink. Someone should dilute it with some water first. Many people have also succeeded killing drain gnats using ammonia. Make sure you put on mouth and eye protection as you pour this liquid into the drainage system. Remember you should never mix ammonia with bleach. A mixture of the two produces deadly toxic fumes.

4.Red Wine Trick
The trick in this method is to attract the gnats and fruit flies to the red wine’s smell and drown them immediately they make contact. It works the same as a vinegar trap. You may also mix wine with some dish soap so that the gnats are always unable to fly. You don’t need to purchase expensive wines for this method to be successful. Put the wine in the small container then wrap its top with a plastic wrap and make some holes in it. Set it where gnats and the fruit flies are present. Do this overnight and wait for success.

5.Fogging Products
Fogging is a very effective method of eliminating gnat swarms. Fogging is the most practical method of eliminating the gnats and the fruit flies in case they are over a large area. Burges Insect Fogger is a popular choice to use outdoors.

6.Rotten Fruit Trick
Similar to red wine and vinegar trap, you stick an overripe or a rotten fruit in a container, cover the container with a different plastic, make some few holes in the plastic and watch as they fly into the trap. With the above methods, you will never see gnats as a threat to you. You should also prevent fruit flies and gnats in future by cleaning up dirty dishes, covering trash bags, getting rid of dump areas, and change of pot soil.

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