How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Photo: How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Know How to Delete Gmail Accounts Permanently & Easily

Gmail is one of the most widely used email service providers. Gmail account offers a number of features to you, which other email services do not provide. A free Gmail account gives you inbox storage up to 5GB, which increases with time. With one email account you can get access to more than 20 useful program & applications such as Google drive, Google plus, Google play, Maps, Google analytics, Google webmaster, and several other features as well, which are not unique, but are much better than what other service providers offer with free accounts. This makes Gmail a preferred and most popular email service. However, even with all these great features, some people will still want to know how to delete Gmail account.Very few people know that a Gmail account can also be used as an email client. It can be used to download emails from all other email addresses as well.

Before going into details on how to delete gmail account it is still worth mentioning some of the benefits that gmail has to offer to its users. This includes:

* The users can manage their important and local conversations in the two partitions. There are Inbox Types, but most of the people use the default. The users can select from the important first, unread first, Starred First and Priority Inbox. This feature allows the Gmail to understand the user preferences.

* This is a Security feature in Gmail the user can enable 2 steps security steps for more security. The user will enter the password and then a call or SMS will be transferred to the user with Unique OTP.

* One of the important features of Gmail is their Beta Version; if the internet connectivity is gone the user can access their most of the Emails. Every time users do not need to load the page for every action.

* The users can enable Priority Inbox that helps to distinguish between important mails and some other mails of offers, bills etc.

* Spam Filters of the Gmail are best, Gmail has its own directory of Spam mails. The user can flag spam any email that helps the user with good interface and spamming free emails.

* Offline Gmail: The person using Gmail is unable to access internet connectivity so he/she can can go to Gmail Offline. This allows the person to read their emails with connectivity.

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

There are various reasons why a person may want to close a Gmail account. Your account may have been hacked into several times hence you need to change it or you need a simpler username or address. If you have no idea how to delete a Gmail account, follow the easy steps below:

The first step is to get into a Google browser. is usually the simplest to operate from. You should then go to the sign in option which requires you to access the account. Once you have accesses your account you can now start the process.

On the top right of the page you there is a settings tab. Select and open that tab and go down the menu, to Google Account Settings. This option is available for any Google service or accounts you are using or have logging into.

Clicking on this will take you to a page where you find your Profile, Personal Settings and the Google Products that are available in your account. On the products section you will find the products that you can change for your Google account. Open the Edit link which takes you to the edit page.

This is the page where you can now delete your account. Here you will find links to products that you can permanently delete from your account. By selecting Remove Gmail Permanently link, you will end up in a page that now allows you to finalize the deletion of the account. You will also be required to read a message from Google about deleting the Gmail account.

Mark the box that indicates Gmail. This removes the email option and leaves out the other products you may still want to use with Google. However you may have to insert a new email address. You can use your current password to finalize the removal by clicking on the Remove Gmail button.

However you can still create another email account using your Gmail account. Emails that come during the period you have removed your account will not be accessible.

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Gmail Tech Support And Customer Service No.

Gmail Help process is quite self-explanatory, all you need to do is to read instructions step by step. However, sometimes there are situations where you really need to talk to someone at Gmail Tech Support Number which is a Toll-Free number @ +1-844-609-0909.

The users at times come across technical issues that they may not able to resolve themselves. This can be a very harrowing experience for the users as they may not be aware of how to go about such issues. However, they can easily come to terms with such technical issues like deleting an account,spam mails, password recovery, technical slowdowns in just a few easy steps. The most easy and basic level approach for using technical service or customer assistance is through the phone number. Google follows the similar approach and has Gmail Tech Support Number for each of its service centers. So those in need can immediately pick up their phone, dial the number and speak with a professional. But the problem gets bigger when there are no service centers accessible on immediate or even nationwide distance.

In such a case, users can seek third party help from professional providers like us by calling Gmail Tech Support Number @ +1-844-609-0909. We maintain high level of transparency in analysis report and management of work for the user based on the short term and long term profile. Our agents can also be sought through live chat session based instructional service in addition to getting problems solved through email. Gmail Tech Support number can be reached 24×7 365 days a year to seek immediate assistance regarding your Gmail account.

Some of the common problems which Gmail Tech Support Number can help you with are listed below:

Providing Instructional help to user for contacts, calendar and other features in account and maintenance and organization of the data in all features of Gmail.


Troubleshooting all file and attachment errors right when encountered so no memory storage is affected.

Fixing installation issues when account is linked on large accounts internally or through a server.

Assistance for basic operation fog mail such as Password recovery, login issues, sending and receiving Email,personalizing account information, details and settings.

How to Delete your Gmail Account.

Maintaining sound functioning of the account at the most advanced level.

Email complexities are not easy to deal with and this is where the troubleshooting and support services offered by Gmail Technical Support Number @ +1-844-609-0909 (Toll-Free) are going to get into picture. You can rely on the customer support services offered by us as our capable team is in a comfortable position to deal with issues such as password recovery and hacked accounts


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